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cut or sew another Triangle
using the Square in Square Quilting Method!

Certified Square in a Square and Creative Curves Instructor

Welcome to The Quilt Handler, your leading source for quilting supplies, quilting products and quilting techniques. I have a passion for quilting and enjoy creating things that people can love and appreciate. Over the years I have developed highly useful quilting techniques that are both fast and efficient. Now I am here to share my passion and quilting methods with people who share my enthusiasm for this fascinating skill. Whether you are looking for a new ability to broaden your lifestyle or just an enjoyable hobby to pass the time, The Quilt Handler has the opportunity for you.

Glad you came for a visit.  Browse around and check my schedule of quilting classes and appearances to see when I might be in your area…or contact me to schedule a trunk/media quilt show and/or quilting workshop for your guild/bee/store/friends. Check out the wonderful products (Square in a Square, Creative Curves, Jenny Haskins . . .) you can order and look for my site quilting specials!

The Square in a Square system now features 39 options!!

You will be amazed at the new diamond options

and what you can do with them.

Order the newest pattern book, The Mailly Women.

This book includes option 39 – the Trumpet Block!

Be the first in your group to own this innovative book!  Remember, no more triangles!

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